2017 Glimpse: Being Kind to Yourself

Are you one of those who believes that life will always surprise you with some not-in-the-cards things? I am. Every single day, I woke up with a damn curious thought about what would suprise me that day. And I was so startled that this year gave me a lot things to learn. Sounds cliche. But I mean it, like genuinely.

2017 taught me how important to be kind to my own self. Do you realize that something as simple as get fever, or cough, happened just because we didn’t treat ourselves well? Regardless it was a part of God’s plan, we can do a prevention instead. We could eat healthy food, do a routine exercise, take vitamins, or anything shows that we care to our body. Here, terms “Do your best, let God do the rest” could also make sense for this case.

Why do I become this care to health? I’ve been hospitalised 2 times this year (Something that surprised not only me, but the whole family, lol.) 


I thought that 2016 was the hardest time in my whole life, because I had to let go something that I want to stay with forever. I spent my 2016 nights wondering why—why should me. Til it came to 2017, I grew new hopes, seeing them bloomed. This could be much better than before, I thought. But again, I was not—and never be really good at predicting something.

I met a guy this year. I was wrong that I put my expectations way too high. Too high til I could not even see them above. Deep down inside, I wanted this guy to be not only a distraction for me, but a closure. For a very long waiting, for a hoped-to-be-ended pursuit.

Thank god, he was not the closure I’ve been dreaming of all nights. Being kind to him means not being kind to my own self. Because he didn’t do the same. He was just one of many stops to my boundless journey in pursuing my own happiness. Note this: not all stops in your journey make your weariness disappear. Sometimes you have to sincerely accept that you may come to a stop that make your weariness even worse. And all you can do is get to continue your steps by taking those feelings along, until you find the next stop.

I was just trying to be kind to myself. By  letting go the things as it should be. By keeping myself away from the things that do not make me contented as I should be. By treating myself much much better than people should do to me. Because it's me who responsible for every little things in my life.

Why do I become this care to my own self? I’ve been caring for the wrong souls. I need to start taking care of my own soul. Cause she deserves it. I deserve it.

Btw it's been a very long time since my first post written in English. And here I go again, why? Karena setelah kerjaan menuntutku untuk menulis dalam bahasa Inggris, ku menyadari bahwa jari-jariku sangat kaku kalau buat ngetik artikel bahasa Inggris. Hm kenapa jadi bahasa Indonesia lagi hahaha yauda gitu aja.

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